History of Insolutions

In 1988 we were the first broker-backed specialist insurance asset recovery consultancy team for the London market. The team is recognized in the following areas: –

  • Asbestos
  • Health Hazard
  • Pollution
  • Product Claims
  • US/UK coverage issues
  • London insolvent recovery and advisory services
  • Claims Handling

The team was initially created to fill a gap in the London market policy research arena, and has grown steadily since then such that it now offers a wide variety of additional services, all linked to the common theme of helping clients to resolve problems relating to insurance policies placed many years ago. As circumstances and legal requirements have changed, we have brought in the necessary expertise to handle these developments. For instance Nick David joined us several years ago to assist clients in the UK with the growing problems they were facing relating to environmental pollution and asbestos-related claims, and in 2004 Sheila Higgins was recruited to work with Nick in that expanding market. More recently we have acquired the expertise of Suzanna Yorgey, with her detailed understanding of domestic markets in the US, and also in the US John Denton and Jim Dorion to assist with claims consultancy and London carrier negotiation.

Our insolvency and solvent Scheme insurer services are currently very topical. Increasing numbers of carriers, particularly in London, are deciding to close down their estates – often with minimal notice. We can help clients calculate how much of their historic insurance is “unresponsive”, thus enabling them to cater for this loss in their cover before it is too late. This can be achieved via a number of initiatives, chief among these being prompt filing of claims against the carriers’ estates or assisting clients in offloading their claims by debt purchase or risk transfer.

InSolutions has direct and unparallelled access to over 70 linear miles of historical filing, representing the millions of policy records as placed by its many predecessor companies in years gone by.