Insolutions Launches a White Paper on Asbestos in the UK Higher Education sector

The white paper – in association with the Marsh Occupational Disease Claims Practice, offers a review on the impact of asbestos exposure in the higher education sector

Executive summary

It is clear the education sector is impacted by claims arising from asbestos exposure. There are some 301 establishments within the sector and many have their origins in the post war expansion of the sector, when the use of asbestos was widespread. Furthermore, many of the occupations which according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report (HSE: HSG264) involved a potentially injurious exposure to asbestos are found in the education sector. The University and Higher Education sector in the UK expanded dramatically from 1945, both in terms of infrastructure and number. This expansion was juxtaposed by a national rise in post war construction and development, which made extensive use of asbestos. This scenario has left a legacy which Universities need to consider when managing their potential future liabilities. Our research shows the risks associated with the use of asbestos impact both longstanding and ‘new’ universities alike. Most buildings constructed prior to 1999 contain asbestos, in varying quantities and to varying degrees of toxicity. This represents a high percentage of university infrastructure. Universities need to fully understand the potential for employers’ liability (EL) claims as a result of mesothelioma and to manage the financial risk of such liabilities.

Please download the white paper Mesothelioma White Paper-v1