Insurance Tracing

  • Protection for investors and shareholders from unexpected legacy liabilities
  • An understanding of historical business ownership and the ability to redirect legacy claims to third parties or insurance carriers

London Market

  • Research of documents and business records
  • Interviews with current and former personnel
  • Research and contact with former brokers
  • Identification and contact with various outside sources, including Law firms and insurance certificate holders
  • Research of government records

Global Policy Research

  • Employers’ Liability
  • Faculty Re-insurance
  • US Domestic

Insolvent Insurers and Solvent Schemes of Arrangement

  • Providing market intelligence
  • Scheme votes and Proof-of-loss handling
  • Recovery service
  • The potential
  • The benefits outweigh the cost

Employers’ Liability Tracing

  • We help locate historic Employers’ Liability (EL) coverage.
  • We create a thorough corporate profile of historical entities associated with the business.
  • We highlight the issues and options around legacy EL coverage and rebuild the historic insurance profile.