London Market

In today’s global economy, international companies can face challenging historic claims issues emanating from operations in a number of countries most notably the United States. In many instances, corporations face unexpected claims activities from mergers and acquisitions of US companies.

In order to assist companies in locating historic insurance coverage that could respond to US and Canadian exposures, Marsh’s US Mass Tort and Complex Claim practice group has established an insurance archaeology unit. This unit is headed by Suzanna Yorgey. Since historic insurance programs for most North American companies have a combination of Lloyd’s and US domestic insurance coverage, our US insurance archaeology practice is fully coordinated and integrated with any research undertaken by InSolutions.

Whereas research of Lloyd’s and London market records is concentrated on archive broker records, US archaeology can encompass a wider variety of research areas. Depending on the scope and nature of any particular project, this research could include the following:

  • Research and internal reviews of client documents and business records
  • Oral history interviews with current and former personnel
  • Research and contact with former brokers, including research and review of Marsh’s extensive legacy broker records
  • Identification and contact with various outside sources, including Law firms and insurance certificate holders
  • Research of government records, including research of Department of Defence contracts requiring documentation of insurance
  • Contact with known carriers to coordinate research for additional policy documentation

The types of pertinent documents unearthed by an insurance archaeology project can vary significantly from a full set of complete original insurance policies to various types of secondary evidence such as correspondence, claims files, and insurance accounting records. Policies for which only secondary evidence is available can be supported through specimens and standard policy form research.

In addition to insurance archaeology, Marsh’s Mass Tort practice group can assist in the following areas:

  • Claims Advocacy and carrier negotiation
  • Policy analysis and policy preservation
  • Electronic claims notification