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The “Spotlight On…” section of the Norwich and Norfolk Financial Industry Gazette ran a follow-up story on the Presentation Carpathia Insurance Slip to Lloyd’s. This historic document was received by Marcus Baker, chairman of Marsh’s Global Marine Practice.

To read the full article please click this link  Norwich and Norfolk Financial Industry Gazette.


Claims Services and Consultancy

Claims processing
Via our parent company Marsh we have access to claims handlers who regularly deal with claims across all the major disciplines of insurance, and we can offer advice regarding all aspects of claims handling.

Specialists in long-tail claims settlements
Our parent company Marsh is one of the market leaders in the handling of long-tail claims. We have developed some unique services in this field, which, together with our in-depth specialist knowledge, will reduce your balance-sheet liabilities and enable you to outsource an administrative burden. We provide expertise in all types of long-tail claims, and specialize in asbestos, pollution and health hazard (APH) matters.

Understanding insurance and the insurance market
Claims handlers provide advice on policy wordings, clauses and conditions. We have a detailed understanding of the insurance market, particularly in London, and have developed a close working relationship with all the major London insurers.

Arranging negotiated settlements and policy buy-backs
InSolutions can provide clients with access to specialized services specifically geared toward settling their APH claims by negotiation rather than by expensive and protracted litigation. Our aim is to concentrate on the business and economic considerations that apply rather than the purely legal aspects, and we anticipate finalizing an agreed settlement in under two years.

Non broker of record claims
We can service entire claims portfolios, including claims on policies that were originally placed by other broking houses. As well as simplifying and accelerating the claims procedure by using a “one-stop shop” approach, this will reduce your costs and give you the distinct benefit of sole broker involvement.

Disease Liabilities Risk Management Tool – The five phase approach

InSolutions in association with Marsh’s Occupational Disease Claims Practice is please to offer our award winning Disease Liabilities Risk Management Tool,  which helps companies of all sizes to manage the financial risk of their disease liabilities.  It is an innovative product in the form of an integrated five-phased approach which identifies, assesses and mitigates companies’ risks to such liabilities.  Solutions are tailored to the needs and requirements of each client.

An overview of the tool is summarised in the flyer below.

Marsh’s Disease Liabilities Risk Management Tool

Expert Witness ServiceInsolutions is pleased to offer in association with Sapient Consulting Service to Locate London Market expert witnesses ranging from brokers to underwriters.

  • Aviation
  • North American Liability/Casualty
  • Marine
  • Reinsurance
  • Insolvency
  • UK Employers Liability
  • Claims

Experts come from the following backgrounds:

  • London brokers – placing and claims
  • Underwriters

We have found all too often that insureds do not realize that once they have settled their long-tail claims with the represented London solvent market that they can still pursue their claim with those that remain. These ‘non participating’ insurers are often willing to agree the claim on the same basis as those that have already done so.

Over the past few years, the fact that many insurers have gone into liquidation or have entered into Schemes of Arrangement has left many insureds facing a substantial shortfall in their cover. InSolutions has developed a service which helps to mitigate the administration costs associated with dealing with insolvent and solvent Scheme insurers and focuses on collecting the amounts due from their estates.

Providing market intelligence
InSolutions has access to an integrated intelligence system which gathers relevant data on any affected company. All up-to-date information such as contact detail, recent developments, and, where relevant, the payment percentage or dividend currently being distributed, can be provided and kept regularly updated.

Scheme votes and Proof-of-loss handling
With your authorization, InSolutions can compile and complete voting and proof-of-loss claims forms. InSolutions can also reconcile these with an insolvent or solvent Scheme insurer’s records ensuring that you are registered as a creditor and that your claims are dealt with promptly and equitably.

Recovery service
We can use our network of contacts to speed the progress of your claim with insolvent or solvent Scheme insurers, collect payments on your behalf and pass them on to you promptly.

The potential
Many of the insolvent London insurers have already made dividend payments on agreed claims, indeed one has approved a payout of 100% of their share, effectively paying the claim in full. It should be noted dividends declared to date can be paid soon after an insolvent’s agreement to settle has been obtained by InSolutions.

We can prepare submissions to these insurers and pursue payments in a streamlined and timely manner. InSolutions has successfully lodged and collected dividend payments in excess of $20 million on behalf of several Fortune 500 companies.

The benefits outweigh the cost
InSolutions will ensure that the maximum possible claim recovery is achieved, in the quickest possible time, and thus we can significantly improve your cash flow and benefit your bottom line. We customarily work on a no cure, no fee basis, being reimbursed via a percentage of funds collected. Thus if we are unsuccessful in collecting your claim, you will not be out of pocket. Currently however, we are able to boast a 100% success rate.

Our partner Marsh Mass Tort has developed an electronic database product called Insurance Coverage Explorer™ . This database, abbreviated ICE, is a very powerful product and includes the ability to capture unlimited data parameters. ICE is only available in the UK via InSolutions.

  • Text-searchable “PDF” (Adobe Acrobat) images;
  • Offers the ability to capture and store a client’s complete historic insurance profile – thus protecting the legacy records;
  • Corporate profile, including disposals and liability retention can be stored and shown in graphical format;
  • Graphing capabilities including insolvency, erosion, terms and conditions;
  • If the client has numerous historic insurance programs these can be accommodated in the ICE database;
  • ICE can address the issue of geographical/jurisdictional exposures;

The product is supplied as a set of CD ROMS which can be loaded on the clients network or a stand alone computer.

Insurance Coverage ExplorerBoth tables are representative of the graphical content available from ICE

To date the product has been used by over 40 corporations, many with multinational requirements.

Customised to a client’s requirements
The database is populated with a customised set of data dependent on the client’s needs and liabilities. The product is very scaleable and we have found many partners have first used ICE on a focused issue and then added additional data sets as and when the need has arisen.

ICE demonstration
Please contact InSolutions for a demonstration of what we believe is one of the most versatile insurance coverage and preservation products on the market.

The white paper – in association with the Marsh Occupational Disease Claims Practice, offers a review on the impact of asbestos exposure in the higher education sector

Executive summary

It is clear the education sector is impacted by claims arising from asbestos exposure. There are some 301 establishments within the sector and many have their origins in the post war expansion of the sector, when the use of asbestos was widespread. Furthermore, many of the occupations which according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) report (HSE: HSG264) involved a potentially injurious exposure to asbestos are found in the education sector. The University and Higher Education sector in the UK expanded dramatically from 1945, both in terms of infrastructure and number. This expansion was juxtaposed by a national rise in post war construction and development, which made extensive use of asbestos. This scenario has left a legacy which Universities need to consider when managing their potential future liabilities. Our research shows the risks associated with the use of asbestos impact both longstanding and ‘new’ universities alike. Most buildings constructed prior to 1999 contain asbestos, in varying quantities and to varying degrees of toxicity. This represents a high percentage of university infrastructure. Universities need to fully understand the potential for employers’ liability (EL) claims as a result of mesothelioma and to manage the financial risk of such liabilities.

Please download the white paper Mesothelioma White Paper-v1

Insolutions won the Claims Initiative of the Year this year 2011 at the Insurance Institute at Manchester annual awards.

This award recognised the success achieved by Insolutions in creating a unique, market-leading approach to help organisations manage their exposure to asbestos related claims.

The article in the Financial Industry Gazette gives detail of the Disease Liabilities Risk Management Tool and how it is used by Insolutions to help companies of all sizes manage the financial risk of their disease liability.

Download the actual article from the  Financial Industry Gazette

Many congratulations to our Marsh Manchester team, led by John Penwill, along with our Occupational Disease Claims Practice and Insolutions colleagues, who won the Claims Initiative of the Year Award at the recent CII Manchester Insurance Awards. This award recognised the success achieved by the three Marsh teams to work together to create a unique, market-leading approach to helping organisations manage their exposures to mesothelioma claims- a significant issue for companies in the Manchester area in light of it’s history of manufacturing activities. The team’s approach included development of a highly effective Disease Liabilities Risk Management Tool, supported by a well targeted and sustained marketing campaign.

Insolutions collects the IIM CII-Insurance Award

Ian Pelham (right) receives the Award from Lynn Darker at IIM CII 2011

Winner IIM CII-Insurance Award

To put clients with potential occupational disease liabilities in touch with our award-winning team, please contact Ian Pelham